Unleash The Poems

I’m a bit of a strange fellow. I write poems.

Actually, I don’t. I get caught up in my mind and its infinite swirling images and my clutch pencil marks a page, or two or three with thoughts and images. Almost tripy if you ask me, and highly distracting.

They range from the existential depressive to the highly sensual and regressive. Perhaps some could even be categorized as political. They’re for friends, family, crushes and enemies. For the society I live in, and the lessons its taught me… among many other things.

But most importantly, they’re for me. A somewhat short and artistic way for me to free my mind of images and thoughts. Sadly, they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea… kind of like everything here.

One more point. Duplicating any of my poems without my clear written(typed) permission is strictly forbidden. I really don’t mind if my poems are reblogged or parts are used, just make sure to give me clear credit when you do.

By the way, the poems are found if you follow the rabbit into Wonderland through here.


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