The View

I seem to have views on everything. If it happens, I’ll have a lot to say about it… even if I lack a voice because of a sore throat. It can be politically incorrect at times, narrow at others or even far too broad.

From human rights to astronomy; from finance to my misguided perceptions on human anatomy, at times even scratching my way into geography and the politics of the internet. I don’t know everything, but sadly have an opinion on almost everything.

Here are my musings about the day, the world I live in and the things I experience as a 22 year black South African male that remembers and sees the world through colours, shapes and songs organized in the mind palace of relatively messy bedroom.

I reiterate, my posts cannot be reproduced unless I have given written/typed consent for you to do so. If you do happen to reblog me, credit me with authorship of my work.

Approaching room of opinions and views on left.


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