It’s About More than Just Hair

The events that occurred with the girls at Pretoria Girl’s High School over the right to wear their natural hair and the school rules being interpreted in a manner that placed natural hair outside its bounds struck a cord with me. See, I have four lovely younger sisters and remember a time in primary school when someone was told that her hair was outside the school’s code of conduct, along with their regular complaints about someone touching one of their hair (usually a white male student in their often almost exclusively white “smart” class, which is an issue for another … Continue reading It’s About More than Just Hair

14:1 – Stronger than the Rand

A month ago we all had the intense boredom of witnessing and feeling the ripples of the monster that thrashed in the global financial ocean as almost everything became #strongerthantherand. From the possibility of the Boks winning every game of this World Cup, as any patriotic South African should be expecting; to Mcebo Dlamini becoming the South African Ambassador to Israel while Bibi and al-Baghadi smoked Cuban cigars…and Stellenbosch actually transforming with the VF+ leading the charge through its charismatic Nkandla born black leader, while Afrikaners agree without compromise to expropriation without compensation during the Zuma-Zile Wedding , as Barry Roux … Continue reading 14:1 – Stronger than the Rand