Every good Star Wars fan knows that resistance is part and parcel of the force.
When evil prevails and Snoke and his First Order try to take over the galaxy far far way, our favourite fictional characters resisted. Continue reading Resistance


In Response to Trump’s “No Muslims in the USA” statement

Yesterday, Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump once more proved his prejudice with yet another statement about Muslims. In the past, we have come to from him comments such as Mexico is bringing rapists and murderers to the United States; Muslims should wear some kind of identifier and There should be internment camps for Muslims in America as a temporary precaution against terrorism; Surveillance of Mosques and the comment about the children of immigrants being”anchor babies”. Yesterday, he took things to the far and extreme right by saying that Muslims should not be allowed to enter the United States because according to him “… they … Continue reading In Response to Trump’s “No Muslims in the USA” statement

COP21: Will Anything Come of It?

Today marks the start of the second week of the COP21 Climate Summit in France. It is believed to be one of the last chances that we have to save our planet and control climate change by laying out the framework to prevent global temperature increases beyond 2 degrees Celsius. This is such a big deal that even the Pope is requesting divine intervention so that a deal can be made to save the planet. However, the recent weather phenomena I have either experienced or watched occur someplace in the world on the news – from the drought in Southern … Continue reading COP21: Will Anything Come of It?