Every good Star Wars fan knows that resistance is part and parcel of the force.
When evil prevails and Snoke and his First Order try to take over the galaxy far far way, our favourite fictional characters resisted. Continue reading Resistance


It’s About More than Just Hair

The events that occurred with the girls at Pretoria Girl’s High School over the right to wear their natural hair and the school rules being interpreted in a manner that placed natural hair outside its bounds struck a cord with me. See, I have four lovely younger sisters and remember a time in primary school when someone was told that her hair was outside the school’s code of conduct, along with their regular complaints about someone touching one of their hair (usually a white male student in their often almost exclusively white “smart” class, which is an issue for another … Continue reading It’s About More than Just Hair

Woe is Black

Its been forever since I last wrote a poem or blog entry; I’ve been going through some personal stuff these last few months. But the recent Black Lives Matter protests had me break out of my uncreative prison and write a few words on what its like being born black in a world that is somehow opposed to you in many ways.   What is my crime outside being born black? Immediately classed as ugly and subhuman Let’s not forget stupid All because of my dark brown skin A reminder of pain Inflicted on those that came before me   … Continue reading Woe is Black