I presently find myself in a situation – I feel as if I am about to enter a depression. Personally, I hate being depressed, it causes me to lose functionality while I am morbid and melancholic, pacing the house wondering if the world would be better without me. Personally I hate being depressed, but it happens over and over again. Not always this bad though. So I scribbled a poem in this poem in the hopes that one-day I’ll be able to look back on it and think how far I’ve come. Maybe someday I’ll be free, And one-day I’ll … Continue reading Maybe

Woe is Black

Its been forever since I last wrote a poem or blog entry; I’ve been going through some personal stuff these last few months. But the recent Black Lives Matter protests had me break out of my uncreative prison and write a few words on what its like being born black in a world that is somehow opposed to you in many ways.   What is my crime outside being born black? Immediately classed as ugly and subhuman Let’s not forget stupid All because of my dark brown skin A reminder of pain Inflicted on those that came before me   … Continue reading Woe is Black


The frightening single true guarantee of life Inspiring great feelings of anxious fear Circumventing all forms of stagnant expectation While cutting an unpredictable road Into the bedrock of our lives Simultaneously This desert of the unknown we enter Not by choice, instead by virtue of existence Leads us to a mirage In which Fate offers us her hand To aid in finding Destiny’s illusive home Before stumbling exhaustedly into the fabled promised land Fate offers acceptance in her right hand Of the impermanence of the world that surrounds us; A whispered reminder into her lover’s ear Of our smallness in … Continue reading Change


This world I’m awake to With its sounding colours And its infinite details clearer than the entire picture The parts are seen but not the whole My mind is set spinning More rapidly than planetary orbits Thoughts all swimming In a sea of impossibility I’m a problem to be fixed Or so I am told By pills that taste like shit! A secret to be locked away When the co-morbidity takes control Conducting a new episode to begin What if I am an anomaly? Not in need of repair? What if I were the next stage of evolution Darwinian or … Continue reading Stranger

A Survivor’s Song

Life is filled with turmoil and joy A complex and confusing maze Bending with new experiences at every corner you may attempt taking., Baring witness to your confrontation of challenges and self Promising the illicit offer of evolution Forbidden in the mind because its unknown And because it may leave pain But it is only through this quagmire of life A fruit can grow, mature and even become a new plant. This cycle of pleasantries born of pain and tears Are among the hallmarks of a well lived life Where hope springs eternal Under the shade it provides Continue reading A Survivor’s Song

Broken Humanity

I’ve been silent of late. I don’t fully understand why; I mean things are starting to look up and I am simply a depressed mess. I wonder if God knows what he’s doing (religious people, keep your snide comments about the omni-benevolence and omniscience of God to yourselves; not going to help)… That said, I coughed up another work, a poem of sorts about connection, primarily in the wake of remembering 9-11 and after a night with friends that momentarily got me out of my black hole; before my star eventually collapsed under its own gravity again. Yes… onto the … Continue reading Broken Humanity