I presently find myself in a situation – I feel as if I am about to enter a depression. Personally, I hate being depressed, it causes me to lose functionality while I am morbid and melancholic, pacing the house wondering if the world would be better without me. Personally I hate being depressed, but it happens over and over again. Not always this bad though. So I scribbled a poem in this poem in the hopes that one-day I’ll be able to look back on it and think how far I’ve come. Maybe someday I’ll be free, And one-day I’ll … Continue reading Maybe

Broken Humanity

I’ve been silent of late. I don’t fully understand why; I mean things are starting to look up and I am simply a depressed mess. I wonder if God knows what he’s doing (religious people, keep your snide comments about the omni-benevolence and omniscience of God to yourselves; not going to help)… That said, I coughed up another work, a poem of sorts about connection, primarily in the wake of remembering 9-11 and after a night with friends that momentarily got me out of my black hole; before my star eventually collapsed under its own gravity again. Yes… onto the … Continue reading Broken Humanity