They’ll call  you my Mistress

I’ll explain later. Just remember Easter Saturday 2017.

They’ll call you my mistress and tease I’m your slave

But truly I relish every moment with you

From making sure you’re okay to

Even going as far as to watch you glow, see your face light up when you listen or speak

A mix of ferocity and meekness all combined.

It’s that strength that enthralls always

The fact that even on the brave and boisterous face you show the world,

I have the honour of seeing you in the moments when you’re meek

You take the lead sometimes, and I dance to the tune

Like jujitsu, we feed off of each other and pull back and forth

Eventually having enough force to topple the world

Like jujitsu, when together

My strength adds to yours

Yours adds to mine

Indomitable together but brave apart
I want to be brave with you, brash and reckless in a moment of madness

But know too well that even the combination of all the pagan pantheons would be defeated by us

Thor’s hammer would fail and Zeus’ shield would shatter

While the strength of the Titans and Golems fail

And Apophis, the bringer of Chaos, is tamed
And although I may be eloquent almost everywhere,

There are moments when alone with you, or my thoughts of you, even in public

I can’t communicate.

My words fail. 

Even a pencil, a mic, a piano and guitar would fail to express what’s inside in a manner fully expressive

And I fumble my way through things, one word at a time, much to your knowing grinning

Or your exasperated sighs that occasionally come

But without those moments, John Legend would have never given us “All of Me.”

Nor Justin Timberlake “Mirror.”
They’ll call you my mistress and tease I’m your slave,

But what they may not see

If they don’t look between the lines

Is that I’ve met my match in you 

And I’m comfortable with it.

K. D.


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