Reconciling a Shattered Nation

Yesterday was Reconciliation Day. I pondered for hours what to write for this day, a day when South Africans are meant to be focused on uniting to create a better nation, while instead the day finds the country caught in the brink of anger and great distrust between groups of people; with inequality like a villain running rampant.

I thought about defining reconciliation and explaining what the day meant for several hours. Threw away several sheets of paper with one word that I felt was off what I wanted to say, until I finally knitted these words together to create the quilt that is this rather brief poem.

An event so special and idealic our nation gave it a date
A day to remember what divides us and strive to keep together
Yet little do we see, its developing and marked failure

As inequality divides
While privilege blinds
Reconciliation day grows less and less reconciled
As trust wanes
While hatreds flame
Between peoples that once wished the same thing in their hearts
When fees fell and Presidents listened
To the grievances of one and all

Twenty Sixteen greets us with a chance
To restore the dream, once high and grand
Held by the people in Nineteen Ninty Four
With all others wishing peace on earth
And goodwill
To all




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