I presently find myself in a situation – I feel as if I am about to enter a depression. Personally, I hate being depressed, it causes me to lose functionality while I am morbid and melancholic, pacing the house wondering if the world would be better without me.
Personally I hate being depressed, but it happens over and over again. Not always this bad though. So I scribbled a poem in this poem in the hopes that one-day I’ll be able to look back on it and think how far I’ve come.

Maybe someday I’ll be free,
And one-day I’ll once more be me
Without fear of going under,
Disappearing beneath the swirling waves
Of misery that howls from the grave.
Once and for all escape this monster,
My sanity intact
A smile across my face.

But for now I’m faced with it;
A battle raging constantly within,
Pushing back and forth
Between happiness and melancholy.
This infinite and permanent mystery –
The cause that started this war
As it rages and claims my emotions
Edging towards the theft of my hopes and dreams

I feel myself dragged down
By hands desiring me to drown
In the murky waters of my fears:
Hopes and dreams distantly forgotten
While I ponder upon the life begotten
As rivers of ink are formed by my tears,
My feelings posted into words for all to see
This New Testament of my fight against the night

But I can’t tell how
This battle ends.


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