In Response to Trump’s “No Muslims in the USA” statement

Yesterday, Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump once more proved his prejudice with yet another statement about Muslims. In the past, we have come to from him comments such as Mexico is bringing rapists and murderers to the United StatesMuslims should wear some kind of identifier and There should be internment camps for Muslims in America as a temporary precaution against terrorism; Surveillance of Mosques and the comment about the children of immigrants being”anchor babies”.
Yesterday, he took things to the far and extreme right by saying that Muslims should not be allowed to enter the United States because according to him “… they want to bring down our buildings… they want the Jihad.”
His comments were so bad that even David Cameron, whom is not known for his record of tolerance, came out to condemn them.

As a student of both International Politics, Politics and World History, I refuse to remain silent while a man whom is top of the Republican polls and could potentially, although maybe unlikely, become the next president of the United States of America, spews such rubbish from his mouth.
Trumps rise in the polls and his comments remind me of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in Wiemar Germany at a time when the German people were in the tense position of economic decline and the ultimate scapegoats were the Jews, the Romma and the Communists. Hitler fed off the fears of the German people about their safety and security and fantasies of an eternal Reich, similar to the way in which Trump is feeding off the American’s fear of terrorism for political points with these comments that he has been making.

Trump claimed that the prevention of all Muslims from entering the United States of America is a common sense approach to preventing another terrorist attack in the country because terrorism has become a serious problem for the country.
I agree with Trump, terrorism is a major problem for the United States of America, however most of the time terrorist attacks are not carried out by Muslims, radicalized or not. The last major terrorist event that the United States had before the San Bernardino shooting was the Charleston Shooting by a young man named Dylann Roof, whom was not Muslim.

The fact that Mr. Trump got a standing ovation while he was saying this is deeply troubling for me. Himself and his supporters do not realize that these statements play into Daesh’s (also known as Islamic State, but since I believe that they are not Islamic in any way, I call refuse to recognize them as that) narrative that the West, especially the United States, is at war with Islam and that Daesh is a defender of Islam, calling for more and more people to become radicalized.
Ironically, Donald Trump still is willing to do dealings with Islamic countries such as Dubai. At present his company is engaged in a $1.5 billion construction deal in Dubai, I wonder if his Muslim business partners would be barred from entering the United States under his rules.

A part of me wonders if Mr Trump is merely seeking attention with all of his ridiculous comments and statements, a way for him to find love and admiration that may have been starved from him earlier in his life; or if he thinks that filling the world with hate will somehow fill the emptiness he has within himself, despite all his material possessions.
A part of me  wonders if Muslims need to take Mr Trump to a madressa and have him learn about Islam like a child. Who knows, maybe he’ll become Muslim after that.


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