The frightening single true guarantee of life
Inspiring great feelings of anxious fear
Circumventing all forms of stagnant expectation
While cutting an unpredictable road
Into the bedrock of our lives

This desert of the unknown we enter
Not by choice, instead by virtue of existence
Leads us to a mirage
In which Fate offers us her hand
To aid in finding Destiny’s illusive home
Before stumbling exhaustedly into the fabled promised land

Fate offers acceptance in her right hand
Of the impermanence of the world that surrounds us;
A whispered reminder into her lover’s ear
Of our smallness in the vastness of infinity
While a promise of evolution lingers on her lips
Granting rise to metamorphosis in this sea of strife
Changing us from a struggling creature to something beautiful
Once we’ve arrived where milk and honey flow

In her left
She holds rejection and naiveté –
An unchanging wondrous island
Surrounded by the stagnant waters of blissful ignorance
There we remain frozen in time by our folly
Our idiotic drives and passions
Encapsulated in crosswinds of wishes to fix the past
A whispered prayer against reality

For life is partly battle and strife
Leaving you at times against the whims of unpredictability
With emotions far heavier than lead in water
Poisoning all thoughts of tomorrow’s growth
As you drown in the stream of tedium and pain

Yet through this war to move and evolve
Try note the beauty which living presents
OF things past, present, future
Of joy and sorrow
Of winter and summer

Without these we would never successfully grow
Possess reason, regret or anything to show
For that singly unified moment
Where the universe stands frozen on a knives edge
splitting into infinite possibilities,
As it awaits to see which you decide to take

So hold your breath and count to three
Extend your hands and push forward,
For chance is a capricious and devious friend
Offering infinity and oblivion
All in one


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