Broken Humanity

I’ve been silent of late.

I don’t fully understand why; I mean things are starting to look up and I am simply a depressed mess. I wonder if God knows what he’s doing (religious people, keep your snide comments about the omni-benevolence and omniscience of God to yourselves; not going to help)…
That said, I coughed up another work, a poem of sorts about connection, primarily in the wake of remembering 9-11 and after a night with friends that momentarily got me out of my black hole; before my star eventually collapsed under its own gravity again.
Yes… onto the Poem then.

Intricately linked by a single truth,
Seven billion plus human souls
Wondering the rolling hills of life; her oceans; his storms; its hopes and tragedies
Traversing the rapidly flowing rivers of fate
In an attempt to find a place called home

A journey upon which strangers do meet –
Offering an opportunity of understanding we greet;
And despite our endless fears and panics,
The rapids of chance churn and throw us together
Adding us to a tapestry woven impossibly –
Tug on one string and slowly tear the art apart;
The unification of a million thoughts in a single thread…
A trillion acts
in a
single stitch

Disaster unsettles these fragile strings
From this tapestry we are part of to our elastically stretched hearts
Enabling empathic epiphanies between ourselves
maintaining an appreciation of those we have
While the fear of loss stays etched in our fresh in our minds
Driving our actions to have meaning before the individual’s last loss…
Of self, of breath, of soul  –
Unless this is all a bad dream and nothing is real

Quite simply our humanity is founded in each other
Your acts affect me, even if you are oblivious to my existence;
As this poem may effect you, miles and years away from the desk I write it on…
Verifying that eternity may be a large mosaic we all contribute something to,
With the offer of coexistence

Yet; presently I feel naught at all
Numb for some reason and unable to connect to the words written
As if they were writ by the hands of another…
I can’t find my humanity right now
And the bonds I have, tug at empty cold
in an orchestra of deafening silence



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