A Sky Full of Ghosts

What are we to each other at the end of the day? This question dawned upon me several months ago after watching Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey. There’s an episode called A Sky Full of Ghosts; where the host, the ever so charming Neil Degrasse Tyson, spoke of stars and how sometimes, by the time we see their light… they are long dead.
This, and the episode Not Afraid of the Dark; the final episode in the series which is about the things in the darkness beyond us; The Pale Blue Dot; as well as a reinforcement of the scientific method, made me think about how many people have in their own way had an influence on our lives that we don’t fully remember… all the forgotten people, both good and evil our minds never come to. Like the guy that bumped you when you were walking in a hurry on your way to work, or the girl that said something to you that made you forget how terrible you thought life was for a moment.
This is a poem about space, science and life itself. A sort of love letter to all the people I have been fortunate to know, and those that have in some way shape or form had an influence on me.




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