A Sky Full of Ghosts

What are we to each other at the end of the day? This question dawned upon me several months ago after watching Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey. There’s an episode called A Sky Full of Ghosts; where the host, the ever so charming Neil Degrasse Tyson, spoke of stars and how sometimes, by the time we see their light… they are long dead.
This, and the episode Not Afraid of the Dark; the final episode in the series which is about the things in the darkness beyond us; The Pale Blue Dot; as well as a reinforcement of the scientific method, made me think about how many people have in their own way had an influence on our lives that we don’t fully remember… all the forgotten people, both good and evil our minds never come to. Like the guy that bumped you when you were walking in a hurry on your way to work, or the girl that said something to you that made you forget how terrible you thought life was for a moment.
This is a poem about space, science and life itself. A sort of love letter to all the people I have been fortunate to know, and those that have in some way shape or form had an influence on me.

When I look towards the darkness of the endless night
I see a sky full of ghosts –
Cosmic entities, oft’ long dead
Still bathing me in their afterglow

Yet even on earth, these ghosts surround me
Men, women, children, teens
And that falls within the in-betweens;
Contributing to allow me be whom I am
Their actions, regardless of how brief, resonate in the infinity of time
Sometimes, crossing my path, shifting my orbit, preventing extinction

These ghosts form the wind behind my sails, the thrust in my booster that tears me from gravity
As my ship sails through the ocean of this world and the vastness of infinity;
Both named and nameless, faced and faceless
Whose slight touch, harsh shove, quick thug
Whose cruel word, kind smile and granted chance
Left deep impacts across the surface of my being.

Their gravities shifting my path –
With sacrifices, those remembered and forgotten
Built a ledger of debt permanently unpayable
For tilting my axis in the direction I have taken
While the unbounded space between my atoms
Bubbles with lessons taken from them

My eyes are slowly awaking to the truth around me –
My Cosmos, My Reality, my world, its  boundlessness
Bare their prints as witness to their importance
Even when words are aren’t spoken and acts are showing

The imprints of my ghosts –
Both memorable and forgotten; friends and enemy
Both teacher and student; lovers and exes;
Positive and negative
Even the naysayers and innumerable strangers –
Are etched within me
for it is true that a random encounter
Can shift the hand of destiny and change forever…
And yet they remain unnoticed, unappreciated
Unloved, unremembered and unseen.

Strangely, they too are part of the master plan
To which we are all obligated in crafting
With a job to try and leave things and people better than the way we found them before;

In truth, we will all end up another’s ghost –
A haunting reminder of a past experience.
For we are all star stuff, breathed in the breath of life
Star stuff, ever contemplating existence and choosing…
Good, evil, right and wrong; and all that’s in-between

With choice as our only super power
We’ll light up the skies in our time with our glows
More beautiful than aurora borealis’ magnetic dance in the sky

And when the clock strikes Twelve
Our bodies gone, our lives completed
Through a spirit dance of the eternal, our actions in the lives we touched
We glimmer on in the night sky as we join our ghosts
Together we cast wind beneath new sails, and thrust rockets accross space

As they once did for us, through out our lives



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