Leaning Into It

Today marks the first day of Spring in South Africa. The first day in a season of new beginnings, possibility and opportunity after a somewhat cruel winter. A perfect opportunity to start leaning into it.

I got the term “lean into it” from a movie called People Like Us; while scratching blindly on the internet for the Kelly Clarkson song by the same name. The message of this film hasn’t really left me since.
Like any form of art, this movie is open to interpretation as far as meaning is concerned; but for me, its a great reminder of the ties that bond people together and our inseparable nature which we cannot escape from. As one of my Heroes Mohinder Suresh once said; “We are all connected…” But, this movie is also about second chances.

There is a scene in the movie, after Josh (the little boy from the trailer who blew up the pool; for those that watched it) gets into an altercation that almost has the other boy’s parents pressing charges. Following that, Sam (the man from corporate barter) tells him his father’s (and unknown to Josh, his grandfather) six rules and principles of life.

Three of them stood out to me, while one had such a profound effect on me that I’m writing a post about it. Those two being Rules 1-3. The ever so significant one is Rule 5: Lean Into It (once more I recommend that you watch the video above).
“Leaning Into It”
as Sam said, is not about the outcome. It’s about making sure that you are present regardless of the outcome.

To me this means taking responsibility for my actions, the situation as well as the circumstances I find myself in; more simply worded, its about taking responsibility all round and facing the problems that arise, instead of running scared from time to time.
I mean, I may get splattered in the face by the muck that life hurls at me, but at least I was able to own the fact that I got splattered, instead of fleeing on the third throw. There are worse things than a strikeout.

Basically, Lean into It this spring; regardless of what It may be. It takes a whole lot of courage to do so, but trust me, its way better than what ifs. Secondly, if chanced, have a look at the movie People Like Us; I recommend it.



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