Introduction to the Void

Its been a testing month.
It truly has. Its seen me rise high and dip extremely low before falling into a rather deep depression where everything has neither taste nor meaning and I became embroiled in my own lonely existential angst.
The irony though, is that even when the soul is bogged down and has fallen into despair, the mind can still remain active…

The sky is set ablaze by the radiance of hope
A masquerade of death through mushroom shape;
Scarring the ground with a reckless streak –
The earth beneath shudders, darting forward

Hope in all his forms are far from mind
Survival binds us to escape, to hide and find shelter from the world of prying eyes
Reality reminds us of the sharpness of the scythe
And the ground withdraws backwards with a creak
Opening up as if with us to speak…

Transfixed by the chaos, the insanity of life’s questions lacking answers
We crane our necks to gain a better gaze
Of the instrument that may be our own ultimate demise

Hidden within a world of our own pretensions
We stare at the result of this great and marvelous invention
Scorching the earth like nothing seen in millions of years
This  very same world we have driven collectively to wreck and ruin

Through our futile efforts to reintroduce ourselves to paradise
A place from which which we’ve been eternally removed like lice
A place to which only in our dreams we can truly return

For there is no chance of reform for us
We simply await the reapers touch
As we are enveloped in this blinding glow
Scattering our ashes in the darkness of infinity


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