The Anjou Pear

About a month ago, wrote this poem… for a lady. It started off plainly enough, a play on my nickname for her – Anjou and became… well this. I suppose I have in a way, immortalized a part of her in words. In rhetrospect, I now see why a friend of mine advised me to give it a PG Rating. But all in all, its about a pear.

Such a pleasure to behold
This succulent fruit
Curved ever so firmly
As if sprung from the bosom
of none other than Aphrodite

Its glowing textured skin,
Inviting to the eye
Leaving the mouth watering
And like a pomegranate
Inspiring feelings…

While like the immortals
From ancient China
Using their separation from ordinary men
To dangle inspiration
Like a carrot to be followed
From some limited distance

While we’re moved by an urge to get closer…


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