They’ll call  you my Mistress

I’ll explain later. Just remember Easter Saturday 2017. They’ll call you my mistress and tease I’m your slave But truly I relish every moment with you From making sure you’re okay to Even going as far as to watch you glow, see your face light up when you listen or speak A mix of ferocity and meekness all combined. It’s that strength that enthralls always The fact that even on the brave and boisterous face you show the world, I have the honour of seeing you in the moments when you’re meek You take the lead sometimes, and I dance … Continue reading They’ll call  you my Mistress


Every good Star Wars fan knows that resistance is part and parcel of the force.
When evil prevails and Snoke and his First Order try to take over the galaxy far far way, our favourite fictional characters resisted. Continue reading Resistance

It’s About More than Just Hair

The events that occurred with the girls at Pretoria Girl’s High School over the right to wear their natural hair and the school rules being interpreted in a manner that placed natural hair outside its bounds struck a cord with me. See, I have four lovely younger sisters and remember a time in primary school when someone was told that her hair was outside the school’s code of conduct, along with their regular complaints about someone touching one of their hair (usually a white male student in their often almost exclusively white “smart” class, which is an issue for another … Continue reading It’s About More than Just Hair

Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016

This has been a curious year for me. It’s taught me to appreciate the little things. To value the people I have in my life, because when storms arise some will still be there. It’s taught me the meaning of family and how at times it’s a lot more than your biological family, that it could also include those close to me. I have seen struggle and I have witnessed success. I have witnessed folly and wisdom. This year I have been taught plenty and rejected somethings I believed in years past and rejected new beliefs presented before me. It’s been … Continue reading Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016

Take Care – Asking for Help

Take Care Asking for help has never been easy for me, be it that I’m unwell or simply not understanding a concept of some sort. When I was younger,I believed that it was the mark of a strong man to silently endure any and all things he was faced with. Requesting help was an athenma to me, a display of great weakness and powerlessness that a man, young or old should never show. Better die trying to find your way than confessing powerlessness. And then, life knocked me in my face. Had it not been for help, it would have … Continue reading Take Care – Asking for Help


I presently find myself in a situation – I feel as if I am about to enter a depression. Personally, I hate being depressed, it causes me to lose functionality while I am morbid and melancholic, pacing the house wondering if the world would be better without me. Personally I hate being depressed, but it happens over and over again. Not always this bad though. So I scribbled a poem in this poem in the hopes that one-day I’ll be able to look back on it and think how far I’ve come. Maybe someday I’ll be free, And one-day I’ll … Continue reading Maybe